There is a reason why lingerie is often called "delicate". Satin, silk and lace are particularly fragile fabrics and need some attention to keep them always beautiful and new.


  • Hand-wash your bra, if possible, in warm water using the right amount of gentle detergent. This will prevent colors from fading and whites from turning to grey;
  • Never wring out your bra, especially if it is padded. Leave to drip away from heat, to preserve the elasticity and shape of the fabric. 

If you don't have time to hand wash your bra and need to machine-wash it, remember follow these simple recommendations:

  • Use a wash bag to prevent the wire from escaping and damaging your garments and washing machine;
  • Keep to the temperature recommendations shown on the label and use gentle detergents.
  • Do not dry in a washing machine or dryer;